Day 44 – Hindman to Breaks VA

Mon 19th July 2010

Last night we stayed at the Historical Society in Hindman. It was a strange place to stay because the hospitality was good but the sleeping accommodation was appalling. The host, David, looked after us well and provided a baked potato and ice cream for desert. The breakfast this morning was also excellent but we were expected to sleep in a tent which was both wet and filthy. It’s a shame because it could be made really nice and sweating all night in a hot tent did not make for a good nights sleep.


Our 1 star accomodation last night

So we set off this morning glad to put last night behind us intending to reach Breaks in Virginia. It was cloudy for most of the morning so we managed to get a lot of miles in before the baking sun came out. That was just as well because we had a couple of long climbs today the second of which was the steepest sustained climb of the entire trip. It only went on for about 1.5 miles but it took a lot of effort to get to the top. One guy in a pick up slowed right down and said “You guys are tough” before driving off.

Poor Bottom

This place must have been named by a Transam Cyclist

Steep incline

The picture may not show it but that's so steep


Sherman finds a friend at last.

We are still riding with Ed, our American friend from Kansas and today we’ve also been riding with Matt who is heading for New York, so it’s been a good day for us to have others to talk to along the way. Just before the end of the day we left Kentucky and crossed into Virginia, our tenth and final State. It was a good feeling to know we are, at long last, in Virginia and it means that we’ve survived Kentucky’s gauntlett of dogs. One bit Chris’s pannier today as he was riding past but Chris stayed on the bike so again a photo opportunity was denied us.

Entering Virginia

And then there were four! Great to be in Virginia

We’ve now been riding for 14 days without a break so our plan is to use our last rest day in Damascus on Wednesday. So, unless something unexpected happens, we should be sticking with the itinerary on the website until we reach Yorktown.

Daily Mileage – 66.3 miles

Time in Saddle – 5 hrs 48 mins

Total Climbing – 4,421 ft


  1. Yippee,last state. Well done!
    Chris looks more like he should be in leathers on a Harley with that scarf around his neck! I am just taking a last look at the sea from the bedroom window before heading home from Swanage. We are getting some heavy rain soon so I need to get home before it starts.
    Safe cycling.

  2. Sorry to hear about your rubbish accomodation. It must be the last thing you need after a hard days cycling!
    Nice to see you still with Ed!
    yes i agree with the pick up guy! you guys are tough! Never had any doubt though.
    Well done!!
    The 4th August is close now, and thus so is home! Am looking forward to it very much! And i’m sure knowing you dad, you’ll have 1 or 2 photos to show us! ha!
    Love you

  3. We are home!

  4. Last state, Fantastic, well done, you,re on the home straight now. Does that scarf do the trick and keep you cool, i hope so. take care xxxx

  5. Hi Alan
    Good to make your last state. Talking about a state when are you and Chris going to have a shave?