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Day 11 – Lowell to Lolo Hot Springs

Sat 12th June 2010 Wow, we had a dry day today, in fact it was really hot once the sun had burnt off the early morning mist. So nice to cycle in just shorts and a top. We set off at our usual time of 6:30am and we continued to follow the Clearwater river upstream […]

Day 10 – White Bird to Lowell

Fri 11th June 2010 When we left the motel at 6:30am it was a cold 7 degrees C, the clouds were low and dark and it was raining slightly. We knew that we had a long climb to start the day, on the old HW95, which began as soon as we left White Bird. It […]

Day 9 – Council to White Bird

Thurs 10th June 2010 Today was almost the first day that I would not post a blog as I had to go knocking on some doors to find a kind person to give me their wi-fi password. The past two days I’ve used the local library wi-fi but here in White Bird things are a […]

Day 8 – Halfway to Council

Wed 9th June 2010 After returning to the campsite last night I discovered that both our neighbours had donated huge amounts of pizza to us so the beef jerky was spared. We ate what we could, having already had our dinner but some was left over. Chris decided he would have it for his breakfast […]