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Day 16 – Hebgen Lake to Yellowstone Park

Fri 18th June 2010 It was a frost last night so we set off wearing plenty of warm gear. The sun was already shining on the mountains on the other side of the lake but we were on the wrong side and in the shade for quite a while. With only 78 miles to do […]

Day 15 – Twin Bridges to Hebgen Lake

Thurs 17th June 2010 We’ve had an interesting day today but I’m so tired as I write this I’m sure to miss lots out. I’m currently sat in the cab of a little all terrain veh sheltering from the snow as it’s the only place to sit in the dry where I can get a […]

Day 14 – Jackson to Twin Bridges

Wed 16th June 2010 Because of yesterday’s late finish it was very late before the blog was complete and I could go to bed. With just 75 miles to do today we decided to lay in until 6:00am and treat ourselves! That turned out to be a good move because it rained heavily all night […]

Day 13 – Victor to Jackson

Tues 15th June 2010 After completing last nights post Pete & Karen took us to the local steakhouse for dinner. Their daughter Amanda works there so we were well looked after and the food was excellent as well as plentiful. We all shared a ‘mud pie’ for desert but the six of us just about […]

Rest Day at Kicking Ass Ranch

Mon 14th June 2010 This will be just a short post today because I have just a little time before we head down into the town of Victor to the local steakhouse. Well yesterday’s massage certainly relaxed Chris because he didn’t wake up until gone 10:00am compared to my 7:30am. After breakfast we gave the […]

Day 12 – Lolo Hot Springs to Victor

Sun 13th June 2010 When we put up our tents last night it was so hot we couldn’t bear to get in them so we were not prepared for a heavy frost in the night. Our sleeping bags are ultra lightweight 1 season so not designed to be used in cold conditions. That would explain […]