Day 43 – Booneville to Hindman

Sun 18th July 2010

The house we stayed at last night was very comfortable and was ideal apart from the fact that we had no Internet connection and that I was stung on the leg by a nasty looking wasp. But we slept well and the early finish yesterday allowed us to rest.

We left at first light this morning, when it was cool, hoping for another early finish with just over 60 miles to reach Hindman. The weather today was much the same with very high humidity and temperatures in the 90′s so the cycling was hot and hard work especially on the longer climbs.


A quarry off Highway 80

We rescued two more tortoise today who were sunbathing in the road and as usual had a few dogs wanting to run along next to us. We’ve been told that chasing dogs will not occur in Virginia so if that’s true tomorrow will be their last chance to get us.

Part of our route today took us on Highway 80, a very busy and wide road with very long hills. We were on this for about 10 miles and it was very unpleasant compared to the small intimate roads we’ve got used to over the past few weeks.

Highway 80

Highway 80. We were glad to get off this road

The last few miles into Hindman were quite flat and we finished at about 1:45pm. We still have our rest day to take and although we’ve now cycled for 13 days without a break we plan to carry on for another two days and take a day off in Damascus as planned.

Daily Mileage – 66.6 miles

Time in Saddle – 6 hrs 13 mins

Total Climbing – 4,606 ft


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better Dad.

    The scenery looks amazing and it is great to hear how you are getting on each day. Keep up the good work, not far to go now

    Lots of Love Lisa

  2. Glad you,re feeling better chris, and i hope your wasp bite is better alan. Poor tortoises,i bet they were glad you came along. take care

  3. You are real troupers, continuing on without a day off in 13 days!! you have true determination!
    looks like you are doing the local wildlife a favour wherever you go too!
    Quite a bit of climbling again too i see!
    Glad you are feeling better dad! Hope the wasp bite isnt hurting you Alan!

    Love you lots