Day 24 – Canon City to Pueblo

Sun 27th June 2010

We had an extra hour in bed this morning as we only had 50 miles to reach Pueblo. Chris certainly need that extra hour as he had turned into Mr Grumpy last night  through a lack of sleep and too much exercise.

From the start it was very hot today and now we have dropped down to 5,000 ft it is no longer cold at night. So we set off for the first time in just our shorts and jerseys without the need for extra layers. From Canon City to Wetmore we had to climb about 1,000 ft before the final downhill run onto Pueblo. Ahead of us the land looked flat as the mountains gradually retreated behind us and we started to see cactus growing on the side of the road. At our first stop today I saw a large red snake that moved away from me very quickly under some rocks. The snake was a ‘red racer’ and is not dangerous, thank goodness.

Jackson Hill

Looking down Jackson Hill towards Pueblo

At Wetmore Chris discovered that his rear tyre was flat so he spent the next 20 miles pumping it up every couple of miles, hoping to get to Pueblo before making a proper repair. No such luck, so with about 10 miles to go Sherman had to undergo some roadside repairs before we could continue.

Puncture repair

Sherman gets repaired

Our destination today was the home of IPA members Guy and Susan Thoms who are looking after us for the next couple of nights and tomorrow we will have a rest day with them. Guy rode out to meet us and cycled with us for the last ten miles back to their home.

Guy on bike

Guy meets us for the last 10 miles

Despite Sherman setting us back by an hour we still arrived by about 1:30pm and have relaxed for the rest of the day. Guy & Susan have a lovely home and have fed us so well we can barely move. We feel honoured to share some of the wild Alaskan salmon they caught themselves, it was superb. Early this afternoon we watched as a huge electrical storm passed over us and we were glad we weren’t cycling in that.


Electrical storm passing over but we were safe indoors

Daily Mileage – 51.28 miles

Time in Saddle – 4 hrs 16 mins

Total Climbing – 2,178 ft


  1. Poor sherman.glad he’s working better now.
    Enjoy your day off’ve earnt it!!
    Get a good nights sleep Dad!

    love you

  2. I hope you have a good sleep tonight and a bit of a lay in, you look tired. Just take it easy and enjoy what ever you do today love babs xx

  3. thanks for keeping me up to date on this subject.

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