Rest Day in Pueblo

Mon 28th June 2010

We’ve had a fantastic day here in Pueblo. It was just great to have a lay in and wake up when we were ready. The endless cycling and lack of sleep have left us both feeling tired and weary so today’s rest day has been been a great opportunity to recover.

Guy & Susan's House

Guy & Susan's lovely house in Pueblo

Still full from last nights meal Guy took us down to the Hen’s Cafe in Pueblo where we enjoyed a huge cooked breakfast. Chris stayed with the traditional omelette while I went for a local dish with green chilli’s (yes for breakfast).

Because we are now out of the mountains and the high altitude of the Rockies we have no further need for the extra clothing we brought with us. So we’veĀ  had a good sort out of our stuff and have shipped home all the items we no longer think we need. Between us we shipped home nearly 18 lb of gear today so from now on we’ll be a bit lighter.

Medal of Honour statues

Statues of Pueblo's Medal of Honour recipients

Guy took us to the new police station in Pueblo and were given a personal tour of the building by Deputy Police Chief Andy McLachlan. It was a really impressive building and the most well designed and equipped police station I have ever been in. No wonder it cost over $25 million. They have the original photographs and fingerprints of the gangster ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ here so it was impressive to be able to see those. Were very grateful to Andy to take time out of his busy day to show us around.

Pueblo Police Station

Guy, Alan & Deputy Cheif Andy McLachlan outside Pueblo Police Stn.

Today we also bought and fitted new chains to the bikes and Chris bought a new tyre which he’ll fit in a couple of weeks. In the meantime Chris swapped his tyres around to get as many miles out of them as possible. We’re not expecting to pass another bike shop for about three weeks so couldn’t risk not getting a new tyre here.

Sherman being repaired

Sherman gets another makeover

After a spot of sightseeing we returned to Guy and Susan’s where we enjoyed a BBQ of burgers, hot dogs and other goodies with some other friends and IPA members, including Andy who had given us the station tour. It was a very memorable evening and now we must refocus and be ready to leave first thing in the morning.


Chris, Andy, Don, Catherine, Susan, Tanya, Alan, Guy & Cooper

We can’t thank Guy and Susan enough for their kindness and hospitality. We have eaten so well that all the weight we have shipped home is now on us until we can cycle it off again. Going back to pasta and tuna after today will be tough.


  1. hi alan and chris

    enjoying reading about your journey.

    bet you were glad of a rest day !

    really sounds a great adventure.

    don t get grumpy chris !

    keep those legs going !

    dan t

  2. Hopefully cycling will be a bit easier now you’ve lost some weight to carry.
    Looks like lovely weather. Lets hope it doesn’t get too hot for you though.
    keep going, you’re doing great.
    Love you

  3. What some lovely people and a very nice photo of you all together. Cycling should be a bit easier now you are out of the Rockies and you,ve lost some weight to carry, well hopefully!! Take it easy, youre doing great. Love babs xxxx

  4. Ok, not wishing to rain on your parade I would like to point out to everyone that Alan has shipped his dirty washing home which is due to arrive on…..yes you have guessed it…… Birthday!
    Happy birthday me, what more could a girl ask for? Her husband perhaps!!

  5. OK on you two putting new chains on your bikes.I did just that to my bike last week.Now the chain skips over the back sprockets.Hope this doesn’t happen to you!
    Great blog Alan.Keep it up I read it every day and I know Bob does too.