Day 52 – Glendale to YORKTOWN

Tues 28th July 2010

That’s it, we’re done.

Great ride in today through lovely scenery amid lots of excitement and disbelief that we this ride is finally coming to an end after 52 days on the road.

As we approached Yorktown we were met by an officer from the Sheriff’s Dept. who escorted us through the town to the Victory Monument where the TransAm trail officially ends (and starts for some). The Carney family had arrived about 30 mins ahead of us and gave us some big cheers and clapped as we rode to the end. It was great to finish with them and we all had lots of hugs knowing what we had all achieved. That special moment was followed by a long photo session in front of the monument and was made more memorable by having several Police Officers from Yorktown there to share it with us. They actually took most of the photos so all the tourists must have wondered what on earth was going on with all the police cars there as well. It was a magical moment for us all and very emotional too after so long on the road.

After photo’s we all headed for the beach and messed around in the sea taking more photo’s and causing chaos. The local police were just great so our thanks to them and especially to Lt. Richard Moore who allowed this to happen.

Once we had tired of our celebrations we had to get back on our bikes and ride a short way where our bikes were secured in a lock up. The Carney family’s lift had arrived to take them home and we were taken to the US Coast Guard base where we are guests until we fly home. It’s been an incredible day and we can now call ourselves TransAmerican Cyclists for the rest of our days.

Daily Mileage -64 miles

Time in Saddle -4 hrs 57 mins

Total Climbing – 1,359 ft

Ride Totals

Total Miles – 4,342 miles

Total Climbing – 187,235 ft

Total Hours in Saddle – 400+

Tomorrow I will write some more and remember some of the special people we’ve met along the way but for now here’s some photo’s. (note: laregr files than I usually post)


Slightly more weather beaten than our handshake in Astoria

Group photo in front of Victory Monument

With our friends and fellow cyclists

With Yorktown's finest

Chris & Alan

Two months and we're still talking to each other

Alan in the sea

I guess this is the end of the road

Group in the sea

Cycling 4,000 miles makes you crazy


  1. WELL DONE!!!! We wish the time with you could have been longer! But we will see Chris on the 26th of August at Avebury at 10:30 AM!!!!!!!! It is Tina’s (our Weston-Super-Mare friends) birthday too!! Alan, we are truly hoping to meet again, maybe here in Virginia! Diane and Dennis

  2. Congrats!! You’re amazing!! Hope to see you guys again soon and meet your families.

    Best wishes,
    Guy & Susan

  3. Fantastic achievement, you should be very proud of yourselves.
    Enjoy the rest of you time in America.
    I will miss not reading your daily blog.
    Congratulations once again.

  4. You must be mad dumping your bikes into the briney.I see Chris has more sense!(remember that rusty bottom bracket)
    A fantastic achievement all the same.I wonder what your next challenge will be?
    All the best to you both and to your families who I’m sure have missed you very much.

  5. Congratulations to you both!!!! amazing, amazing achievement, and what an experience, you will be able to dine out on it for years ;)

    I’ve so enjoyed reading the blog, thank you so much for allowing me to be “part” of it, which is exactly what it has felt like.

    Your dad would be very, very proud.

    all love

    Les xxxx

  6. Absolutely fantastic WELL DONE.

  7. Dad and Alan,

    I am soo happy and proud that you have finished the ride, Ii know there was much trepidation just under 10 weeks ago about what you would encounter but I never had any doubts that you would both finish.

    Can’t wait to see you both when you come back

    Lots Of Love Lisa

  8. Ok – you made me cry at work!!!!
    WELL DONE – so proud I could burst

    Love you both so much

  9. Well done, what a fantastic achievement.
    Am v proud of you both.

  10. well where do i start!
    Dropping you at the airport on the 30th June seems like a lifetime ago, and all that time day in day out, you’ve been slogging it out on them bikes!
    Out of sight definitely isn’t out of mind. You’ve been in my thoughts every day. I must congratulate Alan on the hard work you’ve put into the blog. It’s been amazing, knowing what you are doing, and more importantly knowing my wonderful dad is safe!
    Words cannot describe how proud i am of you!
    I agree with Jan, a tear came to my eye reading your last day and seeing your smiling faces in the pictures!
    You have officially completed it. Cycled across!!

    Love you so much and looking forward to seeing you at the airport on wednesday!

  11. last post was from me! not marley xxx

  12. Well done you two. That seemed like an amazing achievement. Next time you do it maybe you could start at Yorktown and look for some shortcuts along the way.
    See you soon

  13. Ignore my last comment.Your not as mad as I thought.I can’t see your bikes in the water!
    Well done Chris and Alan.

  14. Good job! Great riding with you two!

  15. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you both. Mum is bursting,and our lovely Dad would be too. You are both an inspiration. Stan and I are both so looking forward to seeing you soon. Love the beard Alan!!! A true rival to Stan now, he!he!. All my love, and congratulations on a truly fabulous achievement. Ann xxxxxxxxx

  16. Well done both of you! Have really enjoyed following your journey – a fantastic achievement and so many great memories and people for you to look back on.
    Enjoy the relaxing bit of your trip & look forward to seeing Chris soon


  17. It’s all been said, hope you can manage to sit on the aircraft over the waters on the way home and not pace up and down the aisles.
    12 days and counting.