Day 46 – Damascus to Wytheville

Thurs 22nd July 2010

Debbie got up early today so that we could have our breakfast at 6:30am. She’s such a good cook we could have stayed a lot longer. But all good things come to an end and our rest day was finally over and it was time to go and we did so with some fond memories of Damascus.

Leaving Damascus

Saying goodbye to Debbie this morning.

We set off at about 7:15am which is late for us but we only had 70 miles today and we felt pretty relaxed about the day ahead. Our main challenge of the day was a climb up to 3,750 ft, the highest we’ll go in the Appalachians. It turned out not to be a challenge at all as the gradient was nothing like those we had climbed in the past few days and we were over the top very soon.

Chris cycling

Chris still going strong - and he hasn't fallen off for ages. At this rate he'll get his proficiency badge.

Chris up close

Is that the only cravat he owns?

Today we decided to get some video of us riding the bikes so using a Pedco Ultraclamp I secured the camcorder to my rear rack to get some shots of Chris behind me. It’s a great little clamp and can be attached anywhere. It also holds the camera very securely wherever it’s fixed.

Camcorder fixed to rear of my bike

Camcorder fixed to the rear of my bike

Alan's handlebars

This is my 'cockpit' with all I need to stay on the route and deal with dog attacks. I'll be glad when I no longer have to look at this view.

We made good time today and a few long slightly downhill sections with the wind behind us and that made for some easy cycling. There were also a few short hills in full sun too which were not so good but overall today has been a good day and we feel, at long last, that the end is finally in sight. With just 6 cycling days left and no more long days we want to enjoy the next week as much as possible. Our day off the bikes yesterday also made us feel much better today with none of that fatigue we usually feel in the mornings. Because we’ve cycled for so many days without a break we’d forgotten what it’s like not to feel tired.

Alan cycling

Chris is let loose with my camera - Take 14 - Action

Alan close up

What a good looking fella - haircut and trimmed beard as well. Sadly no cravat.

We actually cycled a bit further than Wytheville today, about 10 miles past the town but it’s a big place and we are still just on the outskirts. Tomorrow we have about 70 miles to complete and the terrian is undulating so we could end up with a fair amount of climbing and the weather forecast is for a hot day. With no raincoat I’m not complaining about that!

We met Gary today, he was doing the TransAm and was heading to Astoria. He’s got such a long way to go so good luck to him.


Gary heading West - Only 4,000 miles to go

Daily Mileage -69.2 miles

Time in Saddle -5 hrs 49 mins

Total Climbing – 4,329 ft


  1. Nice to hear you are well rested and ready for more pain!

    Ha you two are a pair of posers! How many times did you pose like that pretending to cycle!
    Glad the climb wasnt as bad a expected!!

    Well done

    love you

  2. I can’t believe it is only six days of cycling to go, unbelieveable, where does the time go hey!

    Take care
    lots of Love Lisa

  3. ….hooray – lots of lovely pictures!!!! :)

    Les xx

  4. The photo with Debbie is a lovely one and what a nice lady. Good photos and you do look relaxed. Take care xx

  5. Hi guys. Sorry that it took so long to post here, but I’ve been away from civilisation for a while. It was nice meeting you both on the road between Damascus and Wytheville.

    I don’t have a nice blog like yours, but if you’re interested in following along on my westbound journey there’s a link to my “Where’s Gary?” map at

    Good luck on the remainder of your trip!