Day 39 – Sebree to Falls of Rough

Wed 14th July 2010

Today should have been a rest day for us in Sebree but we decided to lose it in favour of reducing some high mileage days through the Appellation Mountains. So at the moment we’re a whole day ahead of where we should be and with the weather forecast for the next few days I think we’re going to need those miles.

When we left this morning it was already very warm without a cloud in the sky and the forecast was for a hot day with very high humidity. It was actually a bit foggy in places first thing and we were glad when that finally lifted.

Morning mist

Some early morning mist

We made good time this morning managing to do 60 miles by midday. That was just as well because it was extremely hot by the afternoon and uncomfortable on the bikes. It was just so humid that it was draining especially going uphill where there was no breeze to cool us down. As we travel East towards the mountains it’s gradually getting hillier each day.

Becky & Ed

Bethan & Ed are from Oxford and were heading West. Long way to go.

Tomorrow we are expecting a tough day as we have to complete almost 100 miles and they are expecting the hottest day here since 2006 with record humidity! So it will be an early start and lots of stops to rehydrate and cool down along the way. Once we get the next two days over with our daily mileage will reduce with no more excessively long days.

House & pond

Lots of houses here have large ponds

The end is finally in sight for us now with less than two weeks before we finish. We have now ridden 3,383 miles and we have just 959 miles to go with 13 riding days left. We pass through a time zone in the morning so we will then be just 5 hrs behind UK time.

Kentucky roads

I wonder what's over that hill?

Daily Mileage – 73.3 miles

Time in Saddle – 5 hrs 43 mins

Total Climbing – 3,599 ft


  1. The people you have met are just incredible friendly and generous, that is so nice. That large pond in the garden looked more like a golfing range, really big. Hang in there chris, xxxx

  2. Yea team! the end is in sight. Jude says go Chris go! Happy to hear the your knee is holding up. Two more weeks and we are on our way to Sturgis for the rally. Hang in there! Bob & Jude

  3. Hi Chris and Alan,

    I’m enjoying reading the blog every day. The site was down yesterday Alan, but I gave your host some hassle and all seems well again :)

    Everything looks and sounds so friendly over there. Has Chris been stopping to look in the ponds at the fish?


  4. Hi Chris,
    Now that you’re giving up rest days does this mean that you’ll be working seven days a week at Avebury when you get back?
    Great to read the blog and see your photos. All the best for the rest of the trip.

  5. Hey!
    Really liking the pictures, everything looks so green!
    I’m shocked at all the other crazy people that you’ve met that are also making their way across/around the US!!
    2 Weeks left! Wow! Can you believe it!
    Well Done
    Love you

  6. Hey Guys,

    It was great to meet you on the trail. It looks like you are really making ground fast. Makes our pace look leisurely. It certainly doesn’t feel leisurely!

    If you are interested in following us we blog here:

    Its not updated every day but if we can find an internet connection we try to keep up to date.

    Good luck with your last push through the Appalachians!

    Ed and Bethan