Day 38 – Elizabethtown to Sebree

Tues 13th July 2010

Our stay at Elizabeth town was really good and one we’ll not forget. Before setting off this morning we sat on the rocking chairs under the porch, drinking coffee and watched the humming birds fight over the sweet water hung out for them. I could have stayed there all day.


Sue - who looked after us so well in Elizabethtown

It was raining slightly when we left but it soon stopped and before we knew it we were 10 miles down the road where we cycled straight onto the ferry which took us across the Ohio River into Kentucky.

Ohio River ferry

On the ferry crossing the Ohio River

Ohio River Ferry

Leaving the ferry behind us

Entering Kentucky

Kentucky already - just one more after this one.

Today was a short day and we finished in Sebree shortly after 1:00pm. By this time it was very hot and humid so it was nice to be able to cool down. Our ride today was similar to yesterday and I very much enjoyed it, feeling good on the bike and just enjoying the experience. Unfortunately for Chris he had one of his worst days where his legs felt heavy and he didn’t enjoy the cycling at all. I feel I should write something sarcastic here but there’s nothing worse than trying to cycle a hilly route when you don’t feel great.

Upon reaching Sebree we found the First Baptist Church where the Pastor Bob and his wife Violet take in cyclists and look after them for the day, regardless of how many turn up. Today there were eight of us, Chris and I, Ed the cyclist from last night and a family of five. We are all heading East towards Yorktown.

The hostel Bob and Violet have set up is truly fantastic and has everything we could ask for. It’s a privilage to stay here. At 6:15pm we all went across to their home where Violet and Bob had prepared the most delicious American home cooked food. It was a very special moment for everyone and one of the real highlights of the trip. To think they do this every day for all the cyclists is incredible. They’re very special people indeed.

The Sebree Group

Alan, Bob, Emily, Jim, Abby, Nathan, Laura, Violet, Chris & Ed

It’s very late now and I would like to write more but bed bekons. We were planning a rest day here tomorrow but have decided to carry on cycling as we love it so much.

Chris in easychair

Chris in practice for when he gets home.

Daily Mileage – 64.4 miles

Time in Saddle – 5 hrs 9 mins

Total Climbing – 3,441 ft


  1. Looking hairier than I have ever seen you!! Chris I really think it may be time to get your pipe and slippers out!! I am sorry to hear you are suffering. Try and enjoy it isn’t for much longer and I don’t think you are going to be allowed out again!
    What wonderful people, puts us to shame.

  2. Hey
    Great pictures! And what nice people you continue to meet!

    Sorry to hear you are suffering dad, Am thinking of you everyday!

    I’m not so sure about that Jan…give it a few years and they’ll be back on the bikes in some other destination! They are gluttons for punishment! ha

    Love you

  3. Hey Alan and Chris,
    We follow your wonderful adventures daily and are amazed at your endurance and stamina. Hang in there, Chris!

  4. I have been following your trip daily. Looking forward to possibly meeting you IF you guys reach the Washington, DC area after arriving in Yorktowm. I know Dennis Arcoraci is planning on hosting you overnight in Ruckersville, VA (outside of Charlottesville) when you reach that area.

    I am concerned that you lost your gore-tex jacket as I am afraid that along that route there are few outfitter stores. Here in Northernern VA (Fairfax County – right outside of Wah., DC) we have many, but getting you a jacket and getting it to you wiould be an almost insurmountable problem. We have had heavy heat (over 100 degrees a couple of days) and now lots of heavy rain and thunderstorms. High humidity as well.

    Keep up the pedaling and stay safe.

    Larry Linville, webmaster IPA region 62,