Day 37 – Murphysboro to Elizabethtown

Mon 12th July 2010

Last night I was unable to find my gore tex jacket. On the way back from the shop yesterday our box of breakfast cereal fell out of my pannier and I picked it up. I thought that maybe my jacket fell out at the same time but I didn’t see it on the road and Chris, who was not far behind me, didn’t see it either. This morning I checked the road all the way back to the shop with no joy. I now think I may not have packed it away when I took it off at the start of the day. Either way I have no coat for the rest of the ride. I hope the weather stays nice!

We still set off at 6:30am this morning with the intention of getting to Elizabethtown. The roads were reasonably good and we had some cloud cover as well as sunshine so the conditions were good for cycling. We even had a tail wind at times. It was still very humid though and felt hot whenever we stopped. Not far into the day we passed Adam who was cycling the other way. He set out from New York (his home town) and was heading west. We chatted to him for a while and he told us about good lodgings at the Baptist Church in Sebree. We plan to stay there tomorrow so it was good to hear his recommendation.


Adam from New York

We then met Ed another cyclist travelling in the same direction as us. He’s cycling up to Boston to see his son and was heading for the same place as us tonight.

The Illinois countryside is very well kept and was a pleasure to cycle through. I really enjoyed my day today (apart from having no jacket) on the bike and I thought it was quite a flat ride. Chris didn’t enjoy it at all and passed his day by counting the hills. The grand total was 146. So I guess that together with the total climbing today makes it a hilly day today after all. It’s funny how you don’t notice the hills when your enjoying yourself.

Longhorn Cattle

Caption competition!

We arrived in Elizabethtown at about 4:00pm and managed to get the very last room at the B&B. A group of 5 cyclists turning up later were disappointed not to get a room. The only other place, a hotel opposite, was also fully booked. Our B&B is fantastic and Sue & Bruce who run it our great. Because we want to leave early Sue is getting up to cook our breakfast. She asked if we like pancakes, bacon, sausages and fruit. Sounds good to me.

River Rose Inn

River Rose Inn B&B - Our home for tonight

They also recommended the local restaurant on the river. So we hooked up with Ed, the cyclist we met earlier, and headed down to try the local catfish. At the restaurant they had a special, as much as you can eat for $10. So we ate two big plates of catfish, baked beans, wedges and coleslaw. Ed then insisted on paying for our dinner so we hope we can repay him over the next few days. The food was excellent and the catfish was locally caught from the river. A memorable evening.

E Town's restaurant

The restaurant on the river. Some customers arrived by boat

Inside Etowns restaurant

Ed and Chris - full of catfish

Tomorrow we will have a short day, about 50 miles to Sebree. After Sebree there’s nothing for about 60 miles so it’s the sensible choice and will put us back on schedule again. Sue has just brought me a Bud Light, I like this place.

Daily Mileage – 990.2 miles

Time in Saddle – 7 hrs 48 mins

Total Climbing – 5,199 ft


  1. OK, I guess we are going to have tuna and pasta tonight. Karen says it’s in honor of you two.
    On another note, it seems like forever since you were here on our little ranch. It’s great to be able to follow along with your daily postings.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip, we hope to see you again, sometime in the future.

  2. Sorry to hear about you jacket Alan, heres hoping you dont have the need for it!
    Great pictures as usual and your b & b has a real American look, and that restaurant on the river looks like a scene from a film. Hope you’re taking it all in!!

    Well done, and you keep counting them hills Dad.
    Not long now! 3 weeks and you’ll be on your way home.

    Love you

  3. Alan that was a huge daily mileage today.Well done mate!My entry for the caption competition reads:I’ve got two horns.One for each nutter!

  4. After seeing that photo Chris, you definitely only have two states to go; the nursing home then the funny farm! It’s not only the elk and bears that run wild through the top of America! Isn’t it about time you also fessed up to you two planning to stay in B&B’s the whole trip, clever taking the tent though as a ruse. No seriously, have just been catching up with the blog after a week’s leave of absence brought on by work. A fantastic experience and such dedication from Alan to keeping us all informed, not to mention entertained. I’m officially envious now so enjoy every minute of the trip. Take care mate, Tony

  5. wow it sounds like you two are having an amazing time, most definately the trip of a lifetime! I’m incredibly jealous (accept from all the cycling!) Alan just to let you know my exams went well and thankyou ever so much for my birthday money, can’t wait to see you when you get back and I hope you and Chris enjoy the rest of your trip. Lots of love and support. Jess X

  6. Caption competition:
    “Call that a knife?”

  7. Caption competition: “Mine are bigger than yours!!” (handlebars of course!)