Rest Day in Eureka

Mon 5th July 2010

We had planned to cycle for eight days before taking this rest day. We were aware of thunder storms during the night and when we woke up this morning the weather was awful, very heavy rain with lightning. Our cycling cloths were still wet from yesterday and we both felt it unwise to cycle. So reluctantly we decided to rest and let the worst of the weather pass.

Eureka shower

When it rains, it rains

The forecast for the rest of the week is improving but we can expect rain and occasional thunder until Saturday. Ahead of this weather front the temperatures are very high and the East side of the US are expecting temperature records to be broken in the next few days. Behind the weather front the temperatures are cooler so we hope that by the time we approach the East side it will be more bearable.

There’s very little to report about today as we have truly rested and just lounged around all day apart from a trip to Pizza Hut, which is our only source of food around here. We ate pizza for dinner last night, pizza for lunch and we have left over pizza for dinner tonight. A good balanced diet!

Pizza Hut - Eureka Kansas

$10 for a 16" Deep Pan - We'll have two.

We’re glad to hear that the warm weather gear and other items we no longer need have arrived home safely. Loosing that extra weight will help us as we cycle across the next mountain ranges which have short but steep climbs. All the other cyclist we’ve met going the other way say the Appellation mountains are really tough going but they would probably have said the same about the Rockies.

A couple of weeks ago, while in Yellowstone we had our photo taken with the Woltjer family which has been sent to us by Mike Woltjer, so here it is. Thanks Mike.

Yellowstone Park

With the Woltjer family at the Continental Divide in Yellowstone

Total Banana Count – 113 each

Total Snicker Bars – 100+ (Chris)


  1. You’re doing great guys.
    I love the daily blog.
    For us non cyclists how about telling us how you plan your day.
    Do you take it turns to lead?
    When do you stop for refreshments and for how long.
    Do you eat and drink on the move?
    How do you communicate if Chris falls off his bike?
    Enjoy your journey.

  2. We have been watching the weather, boy is it heating up back east. So drink lotsa water, take frequent breaks, and get early morning starts. It sure is neat watching your progress. Jude and I are starting to look at what we are going to put on Clifford as we start looking forward to our Motorcycle trip in August.

  3. Hi Chris & Alan,
    I’ve been meaning to write you. Been following your progress since we met near Victor, MT. You’ve had some really nasty weather, I hope it greatly improves for the rest of the trip. Keep up the good work and if you can keep in touch. Would be great to ride together someday!!
    Joe Aquino

  4. Hey Guys!

    Nice to hear you are eating a healthy balanced diet! ha!
    Glad that you got plenty of rest though.

    love you
    Babs and Tracey

  5. Hi Alan,
    Your updates are very interesting – you guys have seen the real USA. Hope the weather stays good.
    Keep well and fit!
    good luck – Michelle