Day 30 – Hesston to Eureka

Sun 4th July 2010

We were first for breakfast today and eat as much as we could to give us a good start to the day. On the menu was cereal, waffles, muffins, pastries, toast, fruit, boiled eggs, biscuits with gravy and a good selection of drinks.

Feeling quite full and a bit sick we got on the bikes to head off and stopped after 100 yds to put on our full rain gear. The rain today was heavy and did not look like a shower. So for the next 50 miles it rained really hard and everything got soaked. It was cool at least but it wasn’t the best weather for cycling especially as the wind was driving the rain into our faces. It felt like being in Oregon again!

Putting on full rain gear

Full rain gear today

We felt quite sorry for the locals as today is the 4th July and many of the organised events would have been a washout, if they even went ahead with them.

4th July celebrations

Damp Independence Day celebrations at Cassoday

Twice today we were held up by railroad crossings which came down just before we manged to get across. The freight trains here are huge and one had four engines pulling the 96 carriages and it took an age to go by. We did get a wave from the driver though. In fact we get loads of people in cars, trucks and on motorcycles who wave at us. On the roads we are travelling you simply don’t see casual cyclists, they’re all laden down with gear and in it for the long haul, something the car drivers seem to aknowledge.

We had another 15 mile section heading directly South and into the wind. It was just as much fun as the other day but we had no choice other than to get our heads down and just pedal through it.


Emily - this is for you xx

The rain did ease at one point but soon returned to make it one of the wettest days yet. It wasn’t a day for taking photo’s so we have little to remember it by other than wrinkly hands and feet. We were also unable to buy food for tonight so we are going to Pizza Hut for a treat as soon as it stops raining and we can get there without getting our only set of non-cycling clothing wet.

So all in all it’s not been the best of days but at least Chris has no more injuries to add to his collection and we are safe and well with over 2,600 miles behind us.

Daily Mileage -87.2 miles

Time in Saddle -7 hrs 47 mins

Total Climbing -1,690 ft

Miles to Go -1,727

Banana update coming soon!


  1. You are certainly getting your fair share of rain, at least its warm with it. No more injuries chris good. Take care xxx

  2. Hi Both, did you join in with the 4th July celebrations?

    It sounds like all is going well, (except for Dad falling off the bike again, I wonder where I get it from!)

    We are looking forward to you both coming home.
    Continue to enjoy every second

    All my Love Lisa

  3. Thank you Darling, your washing has arrived home. At least the chocolate bars softened the blow!!!
    Have also topped up your pocket money, is there anything else you need??!!

    All downhill now, you are on the way home as you have gone over the half way point. We are all missing you and Emily loves the horses.

  4. Hello guys glad to hear you are doing well and you are over half way. Penny i bet you are loving it ! all that food you are being treated too !!!Well dont expect any blueberry pie or steaks when you visit me. I might save you an apple out of the orchard if your good ! Im sure your desperate to know how England are progressing in the world cup ? well we got thrashed by the Germans 4-0. We have had our weeks holiday in the Greek Islands and i thought of you when led on the beach with a cool beer. Anyway Penny hope you complete on time and get back safely cus i want some jobs on my bike done !! Away the lads.

  5. Hi boys,
    Sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while. Glad all is still going well – I’m amazed that Chris is still going. I remember his nick name when he was little – lovingly given to him by Dad because he was always falling over things. It was “Clod”. Sorry Chris!!! Mum has been to the Library and on the internet to follow your progress. I’m truly amazed!!! Got a cheque here for you for £50, kindly donated by one of our suppliers. Will keep it safe for you. We really need some of the rain that you’re having – everything is so dry, and I’m really sick of watering the ruddy garden. As long as it rains at night of course! We want it all….
    Looking forward to seeing you both in a few weeks.

    Lots of love, Ann (and Stan) xxx

  6. hey dad,
    Yum, pizza hut? you think you’re on holiday or summit dad!
    Sorry to hear that it’s been raining where you are! No chance of much rain here though!
    glad to hear you have sustained no more injuries!

    Love you