New Wheels

Our wheels will be taking a great deal of abuse and wear on this ride so we’ve both decided to order a new set and hopefully reduce or eliminate any problems.

Chris has gone for a set built on the Mavic A719 rims which are extremely strong and recommended for long distance touring.  I’m taking more of a risk and my new wheels have been made using Mavic Open Pro rims on Ultegra Hubs. These are not really a touring rim but I’ve toured on them before and I’ve found them to be extremely strong and well made while also being light.  I hope I’ve made the right choice – time will tell!

New Wheels

Finishing touches to Alan's wheels

Collecting New Wheels

Collecting wheels from Argos Racing Cycles

I’ll fit these in the next week or so to bed them and get a few hundred miles on them before the ride.

I’ve been gradually increasing the amount of riding I’ve been doing with a 25mile ride usually featuring as part of my day with longer rides of 60+ miles each week. Chris rides to work every day, a round trip of about 18miles and has also been on some longer rides. These longer rides are essential to make sure your body is used to sitting in the saddle for long periods.

I’ve now fitted my shorter stem and my Brooks saddle has felt much better since. But it’s still not quite right so at this stage I’m still undecided which saddle to use. At least I still have 4 weeks to resolve this issue but a comfy saddle is a must so this is quite a concern.

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