Day 27 – Leoti to Ness City

Thurs 1st July 2010

We cycled as far as Ness City today so we are still slightly ahead of our planned schedule by about 30 miles.

We started today with a super breakfast. It was a help yourself buffet and everything was included, as much as you could eat. Of course it would have been rude not to try everything so we were very well fed when we set off. They even filled our water bottles with ice and water before we left. It was definitely the best motel we’ve stayed in so far.

Silo and oil well, Kansas

Grain silos and oil wells - that's Kansas

Because of the clock change it was only just light when we left and it was also nice and cool, just right for cycling. But the sun soon came up and with it the wind which seems to blow constantly from the South. In fact someone told us today that Kansas is an Indian word for ‘winds from the South’ (or something like that).

Grain mountain

Unloading the grain

So todays cycling was much like yesterday with pretty much the same scenery and the road full of grain trucks and combine harvesters being moved around. We had a bend in the road today which was the highlight of our day.

Up to now the humidity has been very low but as we are moving East it will increase, in fact we are already noticing a slight change so we expect to be very uncomfortable in a few days time as the humidity builds. Storms are also expected over the weekend so we’ll get our riding done early if we can.

Indian Figures

Them injuns are a comin

It’s a good mental boost to us to know we are over half way with only 24 cycling days left. That’s still a lot but it’s better than 51 and the days do pass really quickly for us.


Just an old barn. Its probably full of grain too

Tonight we are camping in the city park and used the adjacent swimming pool to have a shower. Talk about cold!! We don’t have the luxury of last night but we are clean(ish) and have eaten our staple diet of pasta, tuna and peas. (oh for some Alaskan salmon).

Only a short post today I’m afraid. I’m sat outside the public library feeling tired and thirsty and need to do something about that right now.

Daily Mileage – 83.5 miles

Time in Saddle – 6 hrs 50 mins

Total Climbing – 646 ft (so Kansas is not completely flat)


  1. Great pictures Alan.
    A bend in the road..god you poor things if that was the highlight of the day!

    You continue to do so well! happy cycling for tomorrow.
    Yeah just think of it, next month you’ll be home!
    the weather here has taken a turn for the worst and it’s pouring down.

    love you

  2. Hope you sleep well in the city park, hope its not to noisy. The indians looked pretty impressive on that hill. take care, xxxx

  3. Hi Alan and Chris
    Glad its going well. Interesting fact about the word Kansas.
    All the best
    PS Got some new jokes

  4. Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article