Rest Day in Lander, Wyoming

Mon 21st June 2010

Well there is very little to report about today. We are at about 5,500 ft altitude so it was warmer last night than in previous nights and it was also nice not to have the alarm going off at 5:00am.

Lander, Wyoming

Main Street, Lander

This morning we just rested and uploaded more daily routes to the GPS for the next weeks riding. I also added some links to the blog of some other cyclists we’ve met and tidied up all our stuff. After 3 weeks those panniers get a little messy.

Opposite the campsite is a Truck Stop Cafe where the food is good and reasonably priced, so we ate our lunch there and of course we had to try the blueberry pie. We then walked down into Lander which is a very nice town and one of he biggest places we’ve been through for quite a while.

Sculptures, Lander

I'm glad these aren't real

It’s just 4:00pm as I write this so we have the rest of the day just to relax before an early start tomorrow. It’s very hot here with the temperatures touching 30 degrees C so cycling will be hard work until we gain more altitude. Tomorrow we are going to go further than planned and head for Lamont where we understand we can camp behind Grandma’s Cafe. I’m not expecting any wi-fi tomorrow so don’t be surprised if there’s no blog.

Chris in Lander, Wyoming

Can you spot the British tourist

Once again we enjoy reading all the comments so thanks for taking the time to write them.


  1. The town looks very american!
    Nice hat Dad…very amusing ., do have an interesting variety of head wear dont you!?
    Good to know you are well fed and rested.

    Good luck with a hard day coming up.

    love you

  2. Looks like a very nice town, glad you had a restful day today, and chris I do like the hat!!!! Love you babs