Day 17 – Yellowstone to Dubois

Sat 19th June 2010

Thankfully no bears came to visit us last night and we were up as soon as it was light. We retrieved our stuff from the bear locker, had breakfast and packed up to go. It was very cold when we first set off and overcast. We hoped to see more wildlife at that time of day but the cars were already out and about. The only thing we did see was a herd of elk on the road but a car scared them before we could photograph them.

With 94 miles today holiday mode was over and we also had to climb over the highest pass yet, Togwatee Pass at 9,658 ft. The top of the pass was almost 60 miles into the ride so the thought of the climb was with us from the start. It turned out to be a lovely day and the views of the Teton Mountains were breathtaking.

Teton Mountains

Teton Mountains

For the first part of the day we were loosing altitude and dropped to about 6,500 ft before we started a long 15 mile climb to the pass. It was our toughest climb so far and as we reached the top summer had turned into winter with snow all around, we even had a snow shower while we were up there which made us quickly put on something warm. The road surface at the top was in a very poor state of repair and we had to be very careful not to hit any potholes. Chris had his radar on today.

Towonga Pass

Still winter on Togwatee Pass

Once over the pass it was pretty much downhill all the way to Dubois and once we had cleared the bad road surface it was brakes off and away we go for another fast downhill run. They really do make all the climbing worth it.

We arrived in Dubois at about 4:30pm, in good time considering the miles we had done and found a nice campsite with all facilities. It was just heaven to have a shower again.

Our campsite in Dubois

With 17 days now complete we are one third of the way in terms of both days and mileage so it’s a milestone for us with the next one being half way in just over a weeks time.

I leave you with another top tip from Chris – When opening a bottle of Pepsi that’s been shaken around in your pannier for two hours, do it very slowly. Once again, thanks Chris. I followed that tip and stayed dry.

Daily Mileage – 94.5 miles

Time in Saddle – 8 hrs 18 mins

Total Climbing – 4,708 ft


  1. Thankfully no bears came to visit us last night and we were up as soon as it was light.

    The best news is that the grizzly that ate the dude in Yellowstone has been permanently removed from the food chain.


  2. Majestic picture of the Tetons, i do envy you the sightseeing, if not the actual pedalling….. ;)
    L xx

  3. Wow!Breathtaking views! Must be amazing to be experiencing it all!
    Great to hear you had no visits from any bears!
    Sounds like you are making light work of such tough climbs!
    A third of the way is a huge achievement! Well done! We are so proud of you!
    love you lots

  4. Smokey the bear like cat has just mauled Matthew because I have run out of felix – does that count?!
    Seriously what a hideous thing to have happened to that poor man. I have just finished telling everyone that Yellowstone is safer than Oxford and nobody really gets hurt by the wildlife – get outa there fast please xxx


    Dad, You are a great dad, who i can always rely on for help and advice!
    I miss you very much, and hope you have a wonderful fathers day!
    Love you lots


  6. Glad you didn’t encounter any bears just get out of there as fast as you can, just be extra careful, xxxx

  7. Good going lads.And breathtaking scenery.

  8. Hi Dad,


    I second everything that Tracey’s says, have a great day, you are always in my thoughts.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you do see a bear soon (in a safe way obviously!).

    Lots of Love as always


    From MATT

  10. Dear Daddy, I miss you very much and I hope you have a happy Father’s Day. I hope you are having a good time and please come home, Matt says you are staying there forever. I love you and I want to give you a big cuddle when you get back. I miss you really much.
    Love from Emily

  11. Hi have a great fathers day . Also be on look out for Big Feet!!!!