Day 9 – Council to White Bird

Thurs 10th June 2010

Today was almost the first day that I would not post a blog as I had to go knocking on some doors to find a kind person to give me their wi-fi password. The past two days I’ve used the local library wi-fi but here in White Bird things are a little basic to say the least. Only 150 people live here and it’s miles from anywhere.


I like pizza too ya know

Our day started at 5:00am and because we put the clocks forward yesterday it was really 4:00am to us. It felt like the middle of the night and was still dark. We were late to bed last night so only had a few hours. Neither of us wanted to get up and I felt very fatigued with that awful feeling you have when you are lacking in sleep. Still a 90 mile bike ride should sort that out!

We left at 6:30am and it was cold with rain clouds threatening. We wore our jackets and kept them on for the climb up to 4,100 ft right out of Council. It was hard work and we had a head wind. Neither of us spoke much which is always a sign that we’re not happy. Half way up we saw the highlight of our day. About 30yds ahead of us a lone wolf trotted across the road and into the woods. It’s the first time we had seen a wild wolf and reminded us that the wildlife here is not the same as in the UK. I wonder if wolves like pizza?

Road sign

Is this where the Fockers live?

At the top of the climb at Tamarak we had woken up a little and the next 10 or so miles were flat and easy but it was only 7 degrees C and as we started to loose altitude we both got very cold and for the first time had to put on our warm gloves. It also started to rain, not too heavy but heavy enough to warrant wet weather gear yet again which we wore for the next couple of hours before the sun came out for the first time.

Little Salmon River in Hells Canyon

Little Salmon River in Hells Canyon

The scenery along the Salmon River through Hells Canyon was impressive but the cycling was hard work. We were slowly loosing altitude but a strong headwind made it a struggle. We once again passed a time zone sign to say we were back in Pacific Time. So we could have had an extra hour in bed if we had known. Anyway we have decided to keep our clocks forward an hour otherwise we will have to adjust again in a couple of days time.

Salmon fishing on Little Salmon River

As we approached White Bird we could see a storm coming out to meet us so we took refuge in a barn for ten minutes. We soon realized that this was not passing over in a hurry so we put on the waterproofs again and got soaked getting into White Bird. Yet again it was just too wet to camp so reluctantly we have had to book into a motel. We much prefer camping but it would have been impossible to dry anything. Ate the goose jerky tonight, very nice.

That's one Mother Trucker

Tomorrow we have a big climb first thing so an early night is on the cards.  The picture of Sherman will be posted tomorrow as the heavy rain ruined the photo shoot and the banana count will have to wait as Chris is fast asleep already and he’s been the one counting them. I just eat them myself.

Update: Chris is awake and so far we have eaten 32 bananas each.

Daily Mileage – 89.1

Time in Saddle – 7 hrs 58 mins

Total Climbing for today – 2,664 ft


  1. How wonderful to see a wolf in the wild. I saw a squirrel in the back garden today! I am a bit confused about the time difference now! I am sorry but goose jerky sounds revolting!!!

  2. I’ve heard that wolves are very partial to crazy Brit cyclists, he!he! I’m very jealous, but so happy that you’re making good progress and seeing and experiencing such wonderful things. Keep going boys. Love you both loads. Ann x x

  3. I have to agree with Jan the goose jerky does sound horrible!!
    Great views once again!!

    Well done!
    love you

  4. Im so jealous you saw a wolf in the wild,that must have been amazing, your doing really well, stay safe love you xxx

  5. Punch (our white terrier) and I were out fixing the fence yesterday and heard a cougar scream right up the hill from us. Was wishing you two could have been with us to see and hear that, and of course we were wishing we had Dead Eye Chris with us to have dispatched it. I wonder about the other comments, I thought the goose jerky was really good, bet you, that your wolf would have liked it too! I must say that you two are really getting into the wilds now, so make sure you can peddle faster then the moose and bears you are sure to see. We sure hope Chris’s knee is getting better. Take care, Bob & Judy P.S. We hope that Sherman is being kept upright!

  6. Another go at leaving a comment – these computer thingummys are a pain – I have just returned from a computerised till crash at Avebury (remember?) shop which makes the museum (those were the days my friend!) tills look friendly. Plenty of news about bananas, but what about recruitment? Surely Chris hasn’t forgotten a Trip Pad on such a journey; how many ROF’s so far?
    Thinking of you and the scenery in the Rockies – but not the pedalling (I don’t like nightmares); however, keep ‘em turning! Cheers – BGV.

  7. Hey, the goose jerky is really good and didn’t last long once we started to eat it. I can’t understand why we don’t have jerky in the UK, it makes a great savoury snack.

  8. G’day Chris, you don’t need to worry about the bears and moose in the U.S., just whether you can pedal faster than Alan! Oh, you’re on Sherman, I forgot. Hey the sun has finally emerged in Oz and it’s back to crisp clear days around 17 deg. Went for a long run smorning with my group along the coastline in the Royal National Park, my small reward for staring at a computer screen all week. Good to see you’ve been able to stay upright on the bike for, what is it now, 5 consecutive days? Well done mate, you can take the training wheels off. And why is everything jerky on the top side of the world? You guys okay up there? Pretty smooth Down Under. Keep up the fantastic effort, what you are doing is awesome, fair dinkum! Say hi to Alan. Tone

  9. Following your trip with envy!