Day 1 – Astoria to Pacific City

Tues 1st June 2010

Day 1 should have finished at Netharts but there’s good reason why it didn’t.. but lets start from the beginning.

Start of Ride in Astoria

The start outside the Maritime Museum, Astoria

The day started after a good nights sleep at Dan & Karen’s who then provided us with a fantastic breakfast of waffles & fresh strawberries. They joined us at the Maritime Museum to see us off and for me it was an emotional moment. We set off at 07:10am and I then found out that the GPS will not navigate on road if the route has more than 50 waypoints. Day 1 has a lot of waypoints so it gave me more work to follow the route and we actually left Astoria on the wrong road taking HW101 instead of a quieter parallel road. We joined the proper route, still on 101 a while later.

Soon after leaving Chris realised that in his quest to eat as many waffles as he could he forgot to fill his water bottles. Luckily I had done mine and offered to sell him some!

Timber lorries on HW101 - scary or what!! Chris says "Where's my water?"

Riding the bikes fully loaded felt very strange, they are just so heavy that you struggle to lift them but we soon got used to the handling and felt comfortable with them. The first 30 miles went well and then it began to rain. The clouds looked dark so we pulled over and put on our wet weather gear before setting off again.

Pacific coast

Great views along the coast - before the rain

There was a lot of climbing today with several 500ftg hill to get over. It was hot cycling in the rain gear and uncomfortable as well. As the day went on the rain got heavier and heavier and we had a head wind. It was miserable cycling and after the luxury and pampering we had experienced before the ride this brought us back down to earth with a bump.

Because of the poor visibility we took a slightly different route at one point to miss a scenic area. This knocked as few miles off and we reached the campsite after 78miles. When we got there we were liked drowned rats having had the wettest ride of our lives. We paid our money but the campsite was in such a state it was impossible to stay. We must go on and find other accommodation but the nearest town was 15miles away. Reluctantly we cycled on and were immediately met with a 1,000ft climb.

At 7:00pm we reached the town of Pacific City and found a motel straight away. We booked in and took the bikes in the lift up to our room. In our state I’m surprised they let us in at all let alone allow us to take the bikes in over their nice carpet. But they did and we were soon showered and back to the luxury we are accustomed to. Everything had to be unpacked to begin the drying process ready for tomorrow. We ate in a nice restaurant over the road so we are in good spirits.

Motel room

Welcome motel room

On the plus side we have no aches and pains and no discomfort from our saddles. I decided to leave my Brooks saddle at home which was a gamble but I’m now sure I’ve made the right decision.

The bad news is that a storm is expected tomorrow and the weather is worsening. So we have to do it all again – can’t wait.

Daily Mileage 92 miles

Time in Saddle – 8hrs 38mins

Total Climbing for Day – 4.613ft

Bananas Eaten (each) – 4


  1. Hi Alan
    Good luck I will read your posts every day. Wish I was there.

  2. Hi Bob
    Yes you should be here!!!!

  3. Hi Dad and Alan,
    So good to see your posts and hear how it is going, sorry to tell you but it is lovely weather in Aberystwyth the sun is shining!
    We are so proud of you both, keep up the climbing!
    Speak soon
    love Lisa

  4. Sounds like a day full of trials to test you so early on!
    Dad, that’s not like you to forget your water!
    Well done to you both on completing the first day and I’m sure you’re relieved to complete it! The ride has finally started!
    I’m glad you found somewhere safe and warm to stay!!! Eventually!
    Good luck for day 2, and hope the rain holds off for you. Enjoy the amazing scenery..and the bananas!!!!
    Stay safe
    Love you

  5. OMG. My heart is in my mouth reading this. Honestly! Please be careful xxx

  6. I felt so bad once the rain started coming down, thinking of the two of you, and knowing what you were facing! And the weather looked so promising as you cycled away. When it turned ugly, both Dan and I felt somehow responsible, like we should have known, and stopped you from going! We never get heavy rains like this in June – this is like a November of December storm! – So, boys, shall we come get you? :)

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  8. Chris
    Your normally so organised…dont forget your water when you really need it please.
    And please be safe.
    It was nice to hear from you earlier.
    All my love Babs xxxx

  9. BoB I meet you at hotel the other nightwhen you come drown from room Hopeyou had a great dinner.It hasbeen rainand wind all day Pacific city, GoodLuck wish youwill, Iwill be reading your posts.

  10. Hahaha unlucky on the rain guys :P What do you mean the campsite was in a ‘state’?
    What will you do if you run out of Bannans and no way of getting anymore for a few days?!
    Good luck on the next few days and try and keep the air inside the tyres :)!

    // Tom

  11. Glad to hear you are both having fun!!….
    We’re all back here supporting you all the way, so keep going!
    Hope the weather clears up!
    Happy cycling
    Kim x

  12. Hi, Guys! This is Debi, I checked you into our Inn last night. I’m pretty sure I passed you on Hwy. 18 as I drove to McMinnville today – I was the crazy person waving at you out of the silver Buick’s window in the torrential rainstorm. I actually recognized you better dripping wet with your helmets and rain gear on! I hope you’re finding some place to stay around Rickreall. Monmouth would probably be best, they have motels there and I don’t remember Rickreall having any. Best wishes to you for Day Three, I’ll keep tracking your progress here on your site.

  13. Hey Everyone,
    Thank you for your comments, we really appreciate it.

    Alan & Chris