One Day to Go

Well this time tomorrow we should be on our way and the next post will be made from America. We are both ready to go with everything packed. I put my bike in its box yesterday and what a nightmare that was! I thought it would be easy but even with the front wheel, front mudguard, pedals, saddle and handlebars removed it was a very tight squeeze to get it in. But I did it and it’s as well protected as I could make it. I just hope that the bikes survive the journey without any damage.

Aln's bike in box

There's a bike in there somewhere

My boxed bike weighs in at 18.8kg while Chris’s monster of a bike weighs in at 22.7kg. That made me feel good after all the banter that Chris has put my way over my decision to take a heavy SLR Camera! My luggage, including my panniers (and camera), weighs 22.7kg (50lb) which is heavy but not too bad considering the extra gear needed for this trip. I know that some transamerica cyclists carry much more – but it’s still enough weight to haul up to 11,500ft!

Deatails of our ride have also appeared in some local newspapers and the local newspaper in Astoria, Oregon thanks to Karen & Dan Leedom who sent them the story. We’ll be staying with Karen and Dan on Monday before the ride begins on Tuesday.

I appeared on BBC Radio Oxford today having given a short interview at my home to local presenter Wesley Smith. I hope that it generates some interest in the ride and a few extra sponsors.

Interview for BBC Radio Oxford

Interview for BBC Radio Oxford

Now everything is done I just want to go and get started. While I’m waiting around to leave the sain part of me (only a small part of course) is starting to question what on earth I’m doing so I need to start and get focused on the ride.


  1. It was nice meeting you at the Yorktown Onion.