Two Days and Counting

Firstly we would both like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sponsored us so far. We are very grateful for your support and unlike previous rides we won’t feel quite so alone on this one as a result.
Well the ride is almost upon us and the reality of what we are embarking on is starting to set in. It really is a huge challenge in the time scale we have set ourselves. It’s now too late for any further preparation other than a short 25mile ride on Friday before the bike is put in its box ready for the flight out. I always have this feeling that I should have done more training but I think we are both as ready as we can be and looking forward to getting started now.
For those who want to see exactly where we will be each day I have now created a new page showing our planned route and mileage for each day. Soon I hope to add a page to show a list of all the gear we’ll be carrying with us, which seems to be rather a lot!

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