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Day 3 – Corvallis to McKenzie Bridge

Thurs 3rd June 2010 We left our Motel at 06:45hrs and it was dry! Immediately after closing the Motel door behind him Chris realized he needed the loo and turned to go back, but it was too late and the door was now locked. I hoped this was not going to set the stage for […]

Day 2 – Pacific City to Corvallis

Wed 2nd June 2010 Firstly thank you to everyone for their comments and support. It’s very difficult to reply to them but rest assured that we are reading them all. A night in the motel allowed us to dry out most of our things although I’m not sure why we bothered. In our room we […]

Day 1 – Astoria to Pacific City

Tues 1st June 2010 Day 1 should have finished at Netharts but there’s good reason why it didn’t.. but lets start from the beginning. The day started after a good nights sleep at Dan & Karen’s who then provided us with a fantastic breakfast of waffles & fresh strawberries. They joined us at the Maritime […]

Safe Journey

This will be a short post because I feel so tired right now. My body thinks it’s 4:00am but here in Astoria it’s only 8:00pm. We arrived in Portland on time yesterday¬†after an uneventful trip and thankfully our bikes made the trip without sustaining any damage. As part of the preparation for this trip I […]